PROLOGO - Dimension Tirox CPC

PROLOGO - Dimension Tirox CPC

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Super ergonomic, flat nose saddle with a short slender nose and wide tail for improved power transfer in or out of the saddle

The increased 143mm width, helps to distribute the weight of the athletes on a larger surface, ensuring greater comfort for long rides

The wide anatomical channel �PAS� runs through the saddle along its central axis, reduces the contact and compression of soft tissues and tendons, eliminating numbness and helping to prevents prostate problems

Tirox model features an aerospace light Ti-Alloy rail that provides a balance of weight and strength

CPC Models feature material on top of the saddle that provides higher grip, better airflow and vibration absorption

PAS - features a channel in the seat to alleviate pressure and numbness in the pelvic region by promoting healthy perineal blood flow

Carbon injection monocoque base with light foam padding

Rail: Tirox Padding: Light Foam
Cover Material: Microfiber Color: Black
Size (LxW): 245mmx143mm Technology: PAS/CPC
Frame Material: Carbon Injection Gender: Unisex

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