The People Behind Go Grava.  Goodbye Grind. Hello Adventure!

The People Behind Go Grava. Goodbye Grind. Hello Adventure!

Aaron Johnson CEO Aaron Johnson CEO
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Who is Go Grava? 

Grava Adventure Corporation, or what we call Go Grava, believes that getting outside and having an adventure can improve anyone's quality of life.  We believe that outdoor equipment can be manufactured in a responsible way that rewards the producers, adventurers, and environment alike.  We look for producers in the North, Central and South American regions to bring the best American made products to the market.  

Now, we understand that not all products can be sourced from the Americas.  It would be nearly impossible to start an adventure company or bicycle company with only Made in America products.  However, we do focus on at least stocking 50% of our store with products made in the Americas.  We also find areas where we can integrate Bearings and Wheels from the USA and different types of bags and bicycle frames from North and South America.  Diversifying our supply chain and focusing on near shoring is more difficult, but having a well rounded supply chain that leans towards environmentally friendly is important to us.  


Aaron was the former COO of the Sufferfest Training Application and Product Manager for Wahoo Fitness.  He also served as a Military Officer in the USMC for 20 years.  Aaron has an explorers heart and mind and has traveled most of the world.  


Our LATAM expert, lifelong dancer and fitness enthusiast.  She brings passion and life to Go Grava and finds the producers that we work with.  Lauren believes we are all Americans and we celebrate our life and adventure together.  Lauren comes from Cali, Colombia and runs .  

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