A bicycle rider confidently wearing the Grava Adventure Backpack while riding a bicycle. The backpack is securely fastened and prominently displayed on the rider's back.
Front of Grava Cycling Backpack showing the Grava Logo.  You can see the durable grey canvas and the buckles for the two orange straps that wrap around the front.  It is a sleek and easy to use design.
Side view of the Grava Adventure Backpack.  We can see the side stitching of the grey canvas material.  The roll top has a strap connecting the top and bottom with an easy clip system.  The two matching shoulder straps are seen from a side profile view.
Rear view of the Grava Backpack where the handmade quality of the shoulder straps are shown.  The shoulder straps are outlined with an orange fabric but still using the grey canvas material for the majority of the shoulder braces.  There is also a good view of the orange top strap for easy hand carry functions.
Front view of the Grava adventure backpack again.  For this image the top is displayed not rolled over.  We see an ample amount of material for the roll top, the stitching at the top of the roll top bag and the location of the top buckles.
rear view of the backpack with the roll top full extended upwards.  This shows the opening from the rear, the sturdy stitching at the top and the buckles on the end.  the strap that holds the roll over top in place is seen fully extended in the rear picture.
a close up picture of the buckles and quality, handmade stitching on the backpack shoulder strops.
close up view of the top carry handle of the backpack to showcase the quality of the stitching .  You can also see the quality of the buckles for the shoulder straps.  In this image, there is also the ability to view the quality of the stitching for the wrap around straps that help you buckle your Backpack to any time to carry or to strap it to a bicycle.
close up view of the top of our backpack to show the side buckles to keep the roll top secure.  This picture showcases the quality stitching that keeps everything attached and lasting a very long time.
this picture shows the strap connection to the side of the backpack.  This is the bottom part of the backpack where a strap is double stitched and helps secure the side of the roll over top.
This view is a close up shot from the bottom of the backpack looking up.  This view highlights the quality of the logo stitching on our Grava Backpack.  The Grava logo is stitched in with great detail and the world Grava is also stitched in.
Grava Cycling and Walking Backpack

Grava Cycling and Walking Backpack

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Introducing the Grava Cycling and Walking Adventure Backpack, a must-have companion for the everyday adventurer seeking convenience and durability. This backpack, thoughtfully crafted by a Colombian cyclist, embraces simplicity as its core principle.

    100% Made in Colombia with Colombian materials.


    Exterior: Flexible heavy duty canvas material with 100% polyester knit backing, caliber 0.57 +/- 0.04.

    Interior: Linen with 0.38 mm PVC base to increase the water resistant capbilities.

    Straps: 100% polyester braided lanyards with 1” safety ribbing

    Buckles: Click-type lashing buckles for easy mounting 1”



    • Near Water Proof (does not submerge)
    • Endurance Tested


    • Easy to clean
    • Color Durability
    • Optimum grip
    • Resistance of 130kg


    • Injected plastic
    • Color Durability
    • Optimum grip
    • Resistance up to 30kg

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    Made in Americas


    We make our bags with a simplistic design so we can strap them to anything with multipurpose capability. All of our bags are made in South America with South American materials.

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