School Psych on a Bike, Episode 4: The Journey Continues

Hey there, fellow readers! My commute chronicles are back with a fresh update, and let's just say the wheels of progress are turning – not at lightning speed, but turning nonetheless. The hills still greet me like a mischievous obstacle course, but I've evolved from 'totally unprepared' to 'kind of ready' for the uphill battles. It's like I've upgraded from a beginner level in a video game to... well, maybe the second level.

Mornings are now a well-oiled machine. I'm like a ninja in packing myself up and transforming into the Bike-Commute Avenger. The ride itself is gradually getting zippier, though it's all relative. I've got my trusty pannier bags, but they've gone from 'heavy lifter' status to 'light packer extraordinaire.'

Oh, and guess what? I'm still sticking to my grand entrance routine by wheeling my bike straight into my office. My office-cleaning spree today turned into a dance-off with my bike a couple of times. It made me ponder on the deeper meaning of my two-wheeled adventure. Sure, there's the whole 'be more active' thing, and the joy of sparing some change at the gas pump. Also, I'm feeling a tad like a planet-saving hero by cutting down my carbon footprint. But amidst all this, I'm secretly patting myself on the back for stepping out of my comfy bubble.

In the spirit of adding some flair to this escapade, I've given myself a challenge – because what's life without a bit of goal-setting, right? Channeling my inner data analyst, I've come up with a solid-sounding number: 23 rides for the legendary year of 2023. Today's adventure marks the fourth notch on my bike's virtual belt, and if I keep my 'once-a-week' rhythm going, I might just hit that 23 before the clock strikes twelve on December 31st. It's a lofty ambition, considering the school year's impending craziness and the looming chillier weather that makes me contemplate the coziness of my car. But fear not, dear readers, I shall keep you in the loop as this journey unfolds. Stay tuned!"

Rebecca Johnson, School Pyschologist, Everyday Adventurer

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