School Psych on a Bike, Ride 5: A Day of Surprises

Hold onto your helmets, folks – today's bike adventure took an unexpected detour! Buckle up as I spin you through the whirlwind that was my fifth ride, which was basically the rollercoaster version of my usual commute.

Plot twist alert! My schedule threw me a curveball. A training session beckoned at a nearby school, making it a hop, skip, and a pedal away from home sweet home. Packing for work felt like a breeze – just a thin folder to accompany me. So, I unleashed my inner packing genius and opted for Aaron's trusty Grava backpack, tightly strapped behind my seat. Oh, and the perks kept coming – Aaron's cup holder joined the party, holding my coffee like it was its caffeine-filled destiny.

But alas, the weather gods had other plans. A windbreaker's absence became glaringly obvious as I set off. The initial five minutes were a chilly affair, and with a side of mist, my glasses decided to fog up like they were auditioning for a horror movie. Spooky glasses aside, I triumphantly reached the school in record time – under 15 minutes!

Cue the drama: my supervisor, the master of well-timed surprises, handed me a stack of materials that could've easily doubled as weights in a powerlifting competition. Ah, the struggles of a biking champ. Real talk, I'll snag them post-weekend and all shall be well. But if only I had a car to whisk me and my precious cargo away!

Fast-forward to the end of the day – a sweaty ride home was my victory lap. I owned the streets, opting for road warrior status instead of being relegated to the sidewalk shuffle. The road was my playground, and I was the fearless bike ninja!

Zooming out, I'm patting myself on the back for making today's bike-powered choice. The 'once-a-week' rule? Still going strong. I'm marching toward that yearly goal, one pedal push at a time. But folks, brace yourselves, as I ponder the daring notion of upping my game to a thrilling 'twice-a-week.' It's all part of my cunning plan to outwit future weather tantrums or any other whims that might challenge my biking throne. Until next time, keep those wheels turning and those spirits high!

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