Adventures of a Bike-Riding School Psych: The Hilarious Trilogy Continues!

Guess what? Today's weather report: a perfect '60s-themed party on my way to work, and a rocking '70s disco party on my way back home. Time to unleash my inner fashion guru because temperatures are having a dance-off! I swiped Aaron's windbreaker for my morning escapade, which conveniently came with a bonus feature: a zip-pouch in the back – aka the ideal penthouse suite for my cell phone. But hold the applause, folks! After just 15 minutes of pedaling, I was feeling like a soggy burrito in a trash bag sauna. Sweaty glam, anyone?

Let's talk fashion – or the hilarious attempt at it. I decided to ditch the notion of biking in something that could pass as office-worthy. Picture this: shorts, a T-shirt, and a windbreaker that screams 'I'm here to break wind!' I packed a whole costume change, including a shoe ensemble that deserves its own red carpet. Today, the epiphany struck harder than a disco ball at midnight – why on earth did I not do this before? As if my style upgrade wasn't enough, I've also leveled up in the 'stuff' department. Last week, I strategically left a cup-o-rice in my office, turning lunch into a microwave magic show. And today, after my heroic work feats, I decided my computer and files could have a sleepover at the office. Lightening the load, both literally and figuratively!

Oh, those Grava panniers – the sneaky storage wizards! They lured me into a stuff-stuff-stuff trap. Sure, they can handle more cargo than a space shuttle, but that doesn't mean I should turn them into a mobile thrift store. Lesson learned, bags. Less baggage actually equals a happier ride, especially uphill. My legs are giving me the opera performance of their lives, so apparently, I'm still a marathon away from winning the Tour de Fitness. But hey, I'm like a strategic squirrel now, planning my gear like a true conqueror.

Let's chat about the social perks of being the bike-riding sensation at school. A bicycle in a school is basically a blinking neon sign saying, 'Come hang out with me!' Coworkers can't resist the allure of a bike-cruising psychologist. My office has turned into a pitstop for quick chats and bike-related banter. Move over water cooler – bike chats are the new cool!

But wait, there's more! With every giggle comes a 'womp womp.' Cycling does come with its share of downsides. Like, hello, time? Biking to work takes more minutes than hopping in a car. Luckily, it's summer break, and my flexible hours are partying like it's 1999. The school year is inching closer like an eager student, so timing might just be the unexpected plot twist in this thrilling saga.

Stay tuned, dear readers, as the wheels keep turning and the hilarity keeps spinning in the next riveting episode of 'School Psych on a Bike'!"

Rebecca Johnson, School Psychologist, Everyday Adventurer

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