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In this article we follow along with Rebecca as she tries her second week at bicycle commuting.  We see she remembered her office keys this time but she is improving rapidly and wants to increase her fitness level.  On this ride she actually beat her coworker to the office since there was road construction on the way.  Following along to read more about Rebecca's adventures. 

Week 2 of Cycling to Work: Embracing the Grava Pannier Bags and Gear Wishlist

2nd Week Bicycle Commute with picture of Rebecca Standing next to Bicycle with Grava Pannier Bags
For the second time, I cycled to work, and this time I was thrilled to discover the wonders of the Grava Pannier Bags. As luck would have it, I picked another scorching day, with temperatures soaring into the 70's during the morning and reaching the mid-80's for my ride back home. Nevertheless, my morning routine was much smoother, and I decided to wear a more practical outfit of
One major highlight of the day was how the Grava Pannier Bags proved to be an absolute game-changer in holding my work items. These bags are a marvel in design, providing ample space and easy access to all my essentials, keeping my belongings organized and secure throughout the commute. With the pannier bags taking care of my gear, I could focus solely on the joy of cycling without any worries about carrying my belongings.

Today's triumph over construction traffic was another morale boost, as a coworker, who commuted a slightly longer distance, got stuck for 30 minutes due to a bottleneck intersection leading into a construction zone. In contrast, my ingenious shortcut through the sidewalk allowed me to bypass the traffic, and I reached the office in under 30 minutes, almost on par with the time spent sitting in traffic.

As I look forward to future commutes, I am eager to make some improvements. Firstly, I must address the need to lighten my load. Although the Grava Pannier Bags were efficient in carrying my essentials, pushing my bike uphill still took a toll on my chest and legs. To ease the strain, I plan to explore using a coffee pot at work and pre-staging materials like a spare outfit, my computer, and lunch to leave some weight behind.

The Grava Pannier Bags have been a revelation, and now I'm excited to explore more of their products. I've set my sights on the Women's Grava Technical shirt, which promises to be an ideal companion for my rides, offering comfort and performance in one stylish package. Additionally, the Women's Mountain Bike Shorts, with their extra padding, seem like a must-have to enhance my overall cycling experience, especially during longer rides.

On the fitness front, I continue to make strides in mastering gear shifting, but I admit that steeper inclines still present a challenge. In preparation for the upcoming school year, I'm committed to dedicating more time to cycling, improving my endurance, and making my cycle commute feel even more comfortable.

With the Grava Pannier Bags proving to be an invaluable asset and exciting gear choices on the horizon, my cycling-to-work journey is transforming into a gratifying adventure. Embracing sustainable transportation while enhancing my cycling gear is a winning combination, and I can't wait to see how my daily rides unfold in the days to come.

Rebecca Johnson, School Psychologist, Everyday Adventurer

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