A hand holding up a Grava Adventure Gift Card against a backdrop of lush trees. The gift card is prominently displayed, featuring the Grava logo and an adventure-themed design. The hand holding the card signifies the act of giving and the excitement of receiving this special gift. The image captures the essence of the Grava Adventure Gift Card, representing the opportunity to escape the daily grind and embrace the beauty of nature.

Grava Adventure Gift Card

Discover the Grava Gift Card, a perfect way to help your friends and loved ones break free from the grind and embark on exhilarating adventures. This gift card provides an opportunity to give the gift of exploration and encourage them to step outside, embrace nature, and create unforgettable memories.


Gift Cards are good for 12 months and can be extended with a simple email. Our full policy is located here: Gift Card Rules

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Virtual Gift Card

Your gift is sent to the email of your choosing. Gift cards are good for 12 months and add flexibility. You can also add them to your apple wallet and our interface makes it easy to manage balances and pay for online items.

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The Gift of Adventure

We know your gift will make some future adventurer happy as we explore exciting new adventure products in the coming years.

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