Your Fitting Appointment

We do not hook you up to computers and machines like the image above. Below, is the information we use to get you a good fit on the bicycle.

Current Bicycle

Our first discussion is about you and how your current bicycle fits. From there, we can pinpoint a lot of the common issues with poor bicycle fit.

Pre-Interview For Bicycle Fitting

Standard Questions

You will need access to a tape measuring device and the help of a friend. 

  1. Body Dimensions: Height, Inseam, Arm Length (center of shoulder to palm of hand. 
  2. Flexibility: Can you touch your toes?  Do you have any physical ailments?
  3. Problems With Current Bicycle:  Feels unbalanced?  Hands numb?  Knees hurt? 
  4. Current Bicycle Setup:  We will ask questions about your Handlebars, Stem length, and Stem angle. 
  5. What colors or designs would you like us to build for your new bicycle?
  6. Do you want to upgrade any components or swap components?
  7. Have you ever been fit professionally before?  Do you have that information with you or can you get it?
  8. What are your goals with this bicycle?

Next Step


From here, we take all of this information to F. Duarte to begin the process of building your bicycle.  We place an order for Stainless Steel from Spain or Titanium from Italy.  

What You Can Expect

We will provide you updates when your material arrives in Colombia.  When your frame is welded and painted, when we receive your bicycle frame and fork in the USA, and when the build is complete and ready to ship.  For Titanium purchases, we request the final payment once the bicycle is painted and ready to ship to the USA.  

We Only Take Limited Orders

Our team has a lot of experience in customer service and we know it is much too risky to take on massive orders for custom builds.  We will limit our initial orders to 8 bicycles a month.  Once we see that we can satisfy the needs of our current customers we will slowly increase our production.  Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority, not turning over 1000 bicycle purchases a year.  

We look forward to talking to you soon.  The first group of orders in the Spring of 2024 will be handled directly by the CEO, Aaron Johnson to ensure we are meeting this commitment to service.  

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