Unveiling the Future: GoGrava's Double Thrill in 2024 with F. Duarte and Marino Bicycles

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Unveiling the Future: GoGrava's Double Thrill in 2024 with F. Duarte and Marino Bicycles

Get ready for a cycling revolution as GoGrava proudly announces two thrilling partnerships in 2024 that promise to redefine your riding experience. We are teaming up with F. Duarte Bicycles from Bogota, Colombia, and Marino Bicycles from Lima, Peru. With decades of expertise and a commitment to quality, these collaborations are set to introduce unparalleled quality and style to the cycling world. Let's dive into the details and get a sneak peek into the heart of craftsmanship with exclusive factory tours.

Partnership 1: F. Duarte Bicycles - A Legacy on Two Wheels
In our first partnership, GoGrava is honored to join forces with F. Duarte Bicycles, a renowned name in the industry with over 55 years of bicycle building experience spanning three generations. Based in Bogota, Colombia, F. Duarte brings a legacy of craftsmanship and dedication that perfectly aligns with GoGrava's commitment to excellence. Together, we are set to co-brand a range of F. Duarte bicycles in Stainless Steel and Titanium, combining modern design with time-tested expertise.

F. Duarte Factory Tour: Witness the Craftsmanship
Experience the artistry behind F. Duarte Bicycles by taking a virtual tour of their renowned factory. Take a peak below to get an exclusive look at the meticulous craftsmanship and heritage that goes into each F. Duarte creation.


Partnership 2: Marino Bicycles - Bikepacking Innovation Direct from Lima
Our second partnership takes us to Lima, Peru, where GoGrava is proud to introduce the ultimate bikepacking bicycle from Marino Bicycles. The Marino Chaski model is set to make waves in the USA, offering versatility that might just make it the best bikepacking bicycle for the money.

Marino Bicycle Factory Tour: Unveiling the Chaski Model
Don't miss the chance to explore the Marino Bicycle Factory and get a firsthand look at the Chaski model. Take a peak at the video below for an insider's view of the innovation and craftsmanship behind this extraordinary bike.


Join the Adventure on YouTube and Philly Bike Expo:
Follow us on our YouTube channel @GoGrava as we showcase these extraordinary bicycles and accessories from South America. And mark your calendars for the Philadelphia Bike Expo on March 16 and 17, 2024, where GoGrava will be unveiling the magic of our partnerships. Visit phillybikeexpo.com for more details. Stop by our booth for a chance to win a free Marino Chaski frame and fork – we can't wait to share these magical bicycles with you in 2024!