Save Money: Setting Up Your First Promotional Booth

Setting up a promotional booth at events can be an exhilarating yet costly endeavor for new companies. However, with the right strategies, you can maximize your presence and minimize expenses. In this article, we will break down some key takeaways from an exciting adventure documented in a Go Grava YouTube video, which showcases valuable insights on how new companies can save money while setting up their first promotional booth at any event.

The Adventure Unfolds

In a recent video on the Go Grava YouTube Channel, the team embarked on a thrilling sales challenge at the Reading 275th Anniversary Bicycle Race. This challenge pitted Team Grava against three talented Scouts, each tasked with selling different products. While the Scouts focused on selling delicious popcorn and nuts, Team Grava showcased their stylish branded clothing and innovative bicycle bags.

The video takes viewers on a journey through the lively setup, the adrenaline-pumping start of the sales challenge, and the heartwarming finish. But it doesn't stop there; the adventure continues as the team climbs the Mount Penn Fire tower, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Reading, Pennsylvania.

Insights for New Companies

1. Community Engagement Matters

One key takeaway from this adventure is the importance of investing in local outdoor events. While social media advertising has its place, participating in community events can foster deeper engagement. Community members are more likely to remember and support businesses that actively participate in their local events. This engagement can extend beyond the event itself and lead to long-lasting customer relationships.

2. Cost-Efficient Booth Setup

Team Grava's booth setup was a testament to cost-efficiency. They showcased their products in a visually appealing manner without breaking the bank. New companies can take a cue from this by:

- Using creative displays: You don't need an extravagant booth. A well-designed, eye-catching display can be just as effective.
- Collaborating with local talent: Team Grava worked with Scouts, demonstrating the power of collaboration with local organizations or individuals who align with your brand.

3. Embrace History and Tradition

The video also highlights the importance of embracing the history and tradition of the event you're participating in. By immersing themselves in the event's rich history and interviewing participants and spectators, Team Grava added a meaningful layer to their promotional efforts. New companies can do the same by researching and respecting the event's background and values.

4. Teamwork and Community Spirit

Despite the Scouts outpacing Team Grava in sales, the real victory was the lesson learned – the power of community spirit and engagement. New companies should recognize that participation in local events is not just about making immediate sales; it's about building relationships, fostering teamwork, and creating a positive brand image within the community.


Setting up your first promotional booth at an event doesn't have to drain your resources. By prioritizing community engagement, cost-efficient booth setups, embracing tradition, and nurturing teamwork, new companies can save money and leave a lasting impression. The Go Grava YouTube video serves as an inspiring example of how these principles can be put into action, making your participation in events a rewarding experience for both your business and the community. So, take the lessons from this adventure and apply them to your next event – your company's success awaits!

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