Riding Through the School Year - School Psych on a Bike, Episode 6

Hey there, fellow adventurers! It's Rebecca, your trusty School Psych on a Bike, back with another thrilling episode of my bike commute saga. So, here's the scoop on my latest two-wheeled escapade!

Biking Back on Track 🚴‍♀️

Last week, I have to admit, I fell off the biking wagon. The first week of school brought chaos and rain, and I let that become a convenient excuse to skip the ride. But let's face it, excuses won't get us any closer to our goals, right?

The Proper School Day Commute 🏫

Fast forward to today, and it was my first time hitting the school route on a legit school day. Boy, did it feel different! With a clock ticking and school buses aplenty, the pressure was on. I should've prepped my gear the night before, but instead, I played hide-and-seek with my pannier bags and scrambled to decide which work essentials I needed. On the bright side, I clocked in my fastest school commute ever at just 20 minutes! 🕒💨

The Lunchtime Shortcut 🥪

Speaking of time-savers, today I took a "shortcut" by indulging in school lunch. No more struggling to find the perfect portable meal – I went all-in on cafeteria cuisine, and boy, it was a hit! Kudos to the cafeteria ladies for the delicious grub. Riding back home, those pesky little hills still gave me a run for my money. I'm starting to wonder if my trusty but budget-friendly Schwinn might need a tune-up. Or maybe, just maybe, it's my own fitness level that needs a boost.

Weather Bliss ☀️❄️

Now, let's talk weather. It was the perfect day for a bike ride. Chilly and sunny in the morning, so I was super grateful for my windbreaker. As the day progressed, it warmed up to a balmy 80 degrees – just in time for the ice cream truck to roll through my neighborhood about 20 minutes after I got home. Talk about perfect timing! 🍦🌞

So, my dear bike-commuting comrades, that's the scoop on my latest two-wheeled adventure. It might not have been perfect, but it was another step towards my goal. Stay tuned for more School Psych on a Bike episodes, where I'll keep sharing my adventures and misadventures on the road to a healthier, more eco-friendly commute. Until next time, ride on! 🚲🌟

Rebecca Johnson, School Psychologist, Adventurer

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