Riding Through Challenges: A School Psych's Journey

In my quest for ride number 7, it took me a solid 2+ weeks to get back on that bike. The demands of my role as a "school psych" had me bogged down, physically weighed down by a mountain of gear and the constant movement between buildings. The past fortnight wasn't exactly conducive to biking to work, but I'm here to tell you that the upcoming week is brimming with promise.

The weather forecast had me a little skeptical leading up to this morning's ride. Overnight rain had cast some doubts, but fate was on my side. The rain stopped just in time for my morning ride, and I was greeted by perfect weather overall. Though the morning had a slight chill, Aaron's suggestion of gloves proved to be a lifesaver. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing as I encountered my very first bike malfunction. Rolling over those train tracks, my seat decided to take a nosedive. For the rest of the ride, I was stuck with a seat that was too low and swiveled freely. I had to stand up to ride more often than usual, but honestly, it wasn't as big of a problem as I thought, as long as I kept my posture upright.

For the journey home, I managed to temporarily straighten the seat. It seemed fixed, only to betray me again whenever I hit a sidewalk seam or one of Pennsylvania's infamous potholes. I must admit I made a slight fashion blunder on the ride back by opting for the windbreaker jacket. Within just three minutes, I was a sweaty mess, feeling like I was wrapped in a trash bag. But hey, I had committed to my wardrobe choice, so I soldiered on!

Now, in terms of fitness, I'm thrilled to share that I'm riding 100% of the trip to work. On the way back, I'm conquering everything except for that last hill leading up to my house. While it's a bit disheartening to dismount and push my trusty but heavy bike up that hill, I can't help but feel that I'm edging closer to conquering it all. I'm hopeful that this week will offer me the opportunity to squeeze in multiple rides, a step closer to getting back on track and closer to my ultimate goal.

Tips for Overcoming Bike Commuting Challenges:

1. Perseverance
- Embrace the challenges that come your way.
- Understand that perseverance is the key to achieving your goals.

2. Adaptability
- Be prepared for unexpected setbacks like bike malfunctions.
- Find creative solutions to keep moving forward.

3. Weather Wisdom
- Check the forecast and dress appropriately.
- Layer up or down to stay comfortable during your ride.

4. Incremental Progress
- Celebrate the small victories along your journey.
- Every pedal stroke counts toward your ultimate fitness goal.

5. Set Realistic Goals
- Don't be too hard on yourself.
- Set achievable milestones to keep your motivation high.

In closing, my ride to work may have been riddled with challenges, but each one brings me closer to my goal. Remember, in the face of adversity, resilience is your greatest ally. Stay committed, stay adaptable, and you'll conquer any obstacle in your path. Here's to a week filled with more rides and more progress!

Rebecca Johnson, School Psych on a Bike

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