Riding Strong: Embracing the Journey, One Pedal at a Time

Life has a way of testing our commitment, but sometimes, it rewards us with back-to-back victories. After a month of sporadic bike commutes, I've triumphed with two consecutive days on the saddle. These past two days have been a gift of early fall weather, coinciding with a schedule that allowed me to spend an entire workday in one school building. Plus, when Aaron needed my car, it left me with a clear choice: bike or truck.

As I've navigated this journey, I've become remarkably efficient in the entire process. I can now seamlessly transition from home to the road, completing my ride in a mere 20-25 minutes. Surprisingly, my decision to bike doesn't add much time to my morning compared to the frequent school bus encounters while driving. It's all about planning and preparation.

One valuable lesson I've learned is that I can't blame my trusty windbreaker for any challenges I face on the ride home. While yesterday, I regretted wearing it, today I packed it into my pannier bag, yet I still found myself wrestling with the hills. In fact, today's struggles may have surpassed yesterday's. It's becoming evident that my sporadic bike rides aren't delivering the miraculous fitness progress I had hoped for.

But let's not be disheartened by these bumps in the road. Remember, every pedal stroke counts toward our destination, and every challenge we face only makes us stronger. As we continue this journey, let's embrace the words of wisdom from the great Maya Angelou: "You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated."

As for my goal of achieving 23 rides in 2023, I'm now at number 8. Yes, I do need to pick up the pace, but it's still very much within reach. Life's challenges may slow us down at times, but they can never deter our determination. So, let's keep pushing forward, one ride at a time, toward our goals, and remember that with each journey, we are one step closer to our destination.

Rebecca Johnson, School Psych on a Bike

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