Pedaling Through Generations: F. Duarte's Legacy in Bicycle Craftsmanship

Embracing Tradition and Innovation: A Journey with F. Duarte Bicycles

Greetings, cycling enthusiasts! Today, I am thrilled to talk about F. Duarte, a three-generational family business in Bogota, Colombia, with an impressive 55 years of bicycle building experience. Watch the video below, as we explore the legacy, craftsmanship, and upcoming innovations that make F. Duarte a hidden gem in the cycling world.

Discovering the Heritage

F. Duarte traces its roots back to the grandfather of the current generation, who kickstarted the journey over five decades ago with the acquisition of an Italian frame-building machine known as the "Jig." What began as a modest endeavor has transformed into a legacy of bicycle craftsmanship. Today, F. Duarte is not just a brand; it's a testament to the enduring passion for building exceptional bicycles.

As we toured the shop, one of the things we noticed is how meticulously it was maintained.  Every tool in the correct spot, every machine cleaned and ready for action.  We observed the meticulous crafting of titanium, Cromoly, stainless steel, to the delicate artistry involved in carbon fiber repair, each step is a nod to the family's dedication to perfection.

Unveiling Excellence

The first generation started with Jose Duarte and we had a chance to talk to the second generation Fabio Duarte. Fabio shares insights into the quality and processes that make F. Duarte bicycles truly exceptional. With over 55 years of expertise, this family has mastered the art of bike building, creating two-wheeled wonders that stand the test of time.

The Artistic Touch

On the second floor is where the magic happens, and the distinctive paint process unfolds. Nicholas Duarte showed us around and reveals the evolution of F. Duarte's artistic prowess, showcasing custom designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. From vibrant colors to titanium bead blasting, each bicycle emerging from F. Duarte's workshop is a canvas of innovation.

The 4th Generation Arrives

We missed David Duarte during our tour, but rest assured he was busy.  We congratulate David on his first son born the week prior to our arrival in Bogota.  He brings in the fourth generation of Duarte's to continue the tradition.  

A New Chapter: Stainless Steel and Titanium Co-branded Bicycles

Exciting news awaits the cycling community! In 2024, F. Duarte will introduce a new chapter in their legacy by offering Stainless Steel and Titanium co-branded bicycles. This bold move marks a fusion of tradition and innovation, promising a thrilling ride for cyclists seeking unparalleled quality.

Join Us at the Philadelphia Bike Expo

Save the date! On March 16th, 2024, F. Duarte and GoGrava will be showcasing these groundbreaking bicycles at the Philadelphia Bike Expo ( Immerse yourself in the world of cycling innovation and witness the unveiling of these extraordinary co-branded bicycles.

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Stay Tuned for Future Updates

Stay connected with our YouTube channel for updates on our business journey and the thrilling collaborations with F. Duarte. Don't miss the chance to witness the future of cycling innovation as we bring you the latest developments in the world of bicycling.

Pedal with passion, embrace the legacy—join us on this exciting ride with F. Duarte and GoGrava!

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