Exploring Amish Country by Bike

Buckle up, because today we're taking you on a captivating ride from the Lancaster, PA train station into the heart of Amish Country. We've even mapped out the route for your bicycle computer: [Lancaster to Amish Country Route]

Starting Point: Lancaster Train Station

Our journey commences at the Lancaster Train Station, a conveniently accessible location for travelers arriving by train from Philadelphia, Harrisburg, or Pittsburgh. The Keystone train line is bike-friendly, making it easy to bring your bicycle or e-bike along for the adventure.

Stop 1: Amish Village in Ronks, PA

Our first stop takes us to the Amish Village in Ronks, PA. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the essence of a typical Amish community. You can also secure your bicycle and opt for a bus tour to explore the broader region.

Stop 2: Bird in Hand, PA

Next on our itinerary is Bird in Hand, PA, where you'll get to experience the Amish way of life up close. Consider indulging in a traditional buggy ride, just like the Amish themselves. Depending on the time of day, this could also serve as a quick snack or shopping stop.

Stop 3: New Holland, PA

Our third stop brings us to New Holland, PA, where you'll find Yoder's Buffet and Yoder's shopping area. Yoder's Buffet is my personal recommendation due to its speed and convenience. While you can venture further up the road to Shady Maple Buffet for a wider food selection, it can get quite crowded. Yoder's offers quality food in a more accessible setting.

Scenic Route to Lancaster's North Side

Leaving New Holland, we embark on a pleasant journey with a gentle -1% grade towards the north side of Lancaster. Here, we'll admire a traditional covered bridge spanning the Conestoga River. Keep an eye out as my drone takes an unexpected dip in the bridge, surviving a car passing over it – drone resilience at its finest!

Final Stop: Landis Valley Amish Museum

Our last stop takes us to the Landis Valley Amish Museum, a fantastic place to delve into Amish history and culture. Make your selections carefully, as this 43-mile bicycle ride is quite an adventure. With an e-bike, it becomes an enjoyable day trip, and you can fill up your Grava Panniers with unique Amish souvenirs along the way.

The journey back to the Landis Valley Museum from the train station is a short one. By the end of the day, you'll feel fulfilled and ready to hop on the train for a comfortable ride back home.

Are you in search of waterproof and spacious panniers for your bike adventures? Look no further: [GoGrava] has you covered!

Thanks for joining us on this picturesque bike tour of Amish Country! 

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